Fiyona Variable Family Collection


Regular semiBold Bold ExtraBold Black
The initial idea for this font was born from the description of the Pantone color of the year. It’s all about closeness softness and connection. without sacrificing strength and structure. Fiyona is full of personality. It has a kicked out shoulder stem on characters like the “ahmn” Barbs on the “EFLT” Beaks on the “CGS” and of course the super fun revered descender “y” Some of the references behind Fiyona are Recoleta, The Timberland Logo, Lastik, and Howland font. I never liked fonts like Recoleta because I thought the kicked out shoulder and stem of the lowercase ahmn characters made the letters look wimpy. I Liked the idea of it, but I wanted more structure and a stronger straight line on that stem rather than a continuous curve. This balance between soft curves and strong structure became the theme of the typeface. Round outside corners with sharp acute angles, a more serious look at thin weights with a more playful look in the heavy weights, and of course subtle yet unique design choices like the reverse descender of the lowercase “y”