Our Story

Our story is actually misleading… Cuz it’s just me, just one guy. I say “our” cuz my business friends told me it makes me sound like a “Real Business” I’m medium unsold on the concept.

As a designer I am somewhat obsessed with having control and ownership of every part of my creative process. I love making my own illustrations, taking my own photos, editing my own video and eventually (when I realized how poor I was and my creative ambition got the best of me) I decided I was going to have to make my own typefaces. So, here we are.

That That was started with the goal of helping me pay rent in NYC while I was in Grad School and unable to work. Good news is that now that I am graduated I have a new goal.

Two new goals, in fact:

1–Create The Highest Quality Typefaces

2–Make Them as Accessible as Possible

That That is a sandbox. A playground for exploring and growing as a type designer. I am constantly challenging myself and creating on new typefaces—sometimes they flop sometimes they are worth releasing. These are the ones worth releasing.

As far as accessibility is concerned, I am always striving to give every designer access to my fonts. That means growing language support, accessible prices, and simple licenses. If you want to see any latin character added to any of the fonts, have any licensing questions, or just want to chat about anything, email me at Harbor@thatthatcreative.com.